Generative Art:


Made with Processing 3 and the HYPE framework. This was actually 10 cubes with swarming colored lines mapped on each side. Having no fill or strokes, the cubes are essentially transparent. For giving more structure, I mirrored the video in Premiere Pro.

Recently I had the good fortune to be one of the mentors for the first architecture-oriented startup weekend at University of Tehran. There I helped the participants with developing their ideas and creating the UI/UX of their products. I was editing this video on the last day of the startup as the participants were practicing their presentations.

Startup Weekend

(University of Tehran)

Sina Zibakerdar


Generative Art:


Made with Processing 3 and the HYPE framework. Each square is getting a number from a specific band of the audio to resize, rotate and get color.

While at TUIC (Tehran Urban Innovation Center), I got the opportunity to be a part of a team of mentors to hold a workshop for location based gaming. The participants got to know how these games work and worked on their own ideas for a location based game.

The Idea for this promotional video was that such games made the player go out, explore the city and know its landmarks. The animated characters made the video come to life.



Location Based Games Workshop


Having spent a lot of my time at TUIC (Tehran Urban Innovation Center), I had the opportunity to create the promotional videos of several startup ideas. This one, also being the first video I shot and edited, was the starting point. Although it is a simple video with no narrative it is very special to me because it got me interested in making videos.

Pasta Car

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