(Non-Infrastructured Networks)

I first got introduced to TUIC (Tehran Urban Innovation Center), a center for helping young student with developing their ideas for a startup, when I approached them with the idea to create an infrastructure independent network in case of major disasters such as earthquakes. Much like Firechat, it used the WIFI and Bluetooth technology of smartphones to create the network. It was designed to help rescue people unable to use their cellphones to call for help or send their locations. It also provided the option to be available in normal times as a local news platform.

The project is currently due to receive a fund from Iran’s National Talent Foundation


I designed the UX and UI for a new startup project called Booomgardi. It is an app that helps people experience life as a villager in a small period of time. The design helps the user find places and activities that interest him/her and make reservations for a trip.

Sina Zibakerdar

UX/UI Design

The main page of the app consists if the public and private messages. There are also the Map page and  the Profile page, showing the locations of the messages and managing the user's information respectively.

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