My name is Sina Zibakerdar. I am a designer and a  filmmaker with an architecture background based in Tehran,Iran. I am currently working in advertising and also doing research at Tehran Urban Innovation Center.



(Non-Infrastructured Networks)

I first got introduced to TUIC (Tehran Urban Innovation Center), a center for helping gifted student with developing their ideas for a startup, when I approached them with the idea to create an infrastructure independent network in case of major disasters such as earthquakes. Much like Firechat, it used the WIFI and Bluetooth technology of smartphones to create the network. It was designed to help rescue people unable to use their cellphones to call for help or send their locations. It also provided the option to be available in normal times as a local news platform.

The project is currently due to receive a fund from Iran’s National Talent Foundation.

Sina Zibakerdar

hi! I'm Sina.

I'm a Visual Designer. I also take photos, design UI/UX  and make concept videos for startup projects.

Featured Work

While at TUIC (Tehran Urban Innovation Center), I got the opportunity to be a part of a team of mentors to hold a workshop for location based gaming. The participants got to know how these games work and worked on their own ideas for a location based game.

The Idea for this promotional video was that such games made the player go out, explore the city and know its landmarks. The animated characters made the video come to life.



Location Based Games Workshop



Old Lady

When traveling to a remote village called Aku Jan in the providence of Qazvin, I came across this lovely old lady who wanted to show me a big old vase in her house. The vase wasn’t very interesting but she made a good subject for a portrait picture.

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